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HAHN Plastics Automation GmbH
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The Material Handling Division of the HAHN Group

HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. represents the Material Handling Division of the HAHN Group. The HAHN Group has grown over the past years into a network of companies in the field of automation and robotics. Within this growth, HAHN Group built its own division focusing on the plastic industry. The companies GeKu, Waldorf Technik, and Wemo each have their own customer base and complement each other with their specialized solutions in automation for plastic injection molding processes. 

With over 30 years of experience in the field of automation and robotics in the plastic industry, HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. provides their customers with innovative ideas, state-of-the-art technology, and comprehensive services. With that, HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. is your partner in plastics automation.

HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. has its own production site in Windsor, CT, USA, close to Bradley International Airport.

The HAHN Group consists of a network of specialized companies for industrial automation and robot solutions. With its own production sites the group currently employs approx. 1,500 people worldwide. Well-known customers from the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and healthcare industries benefit from the HAHN Group’s 30 years of expertise and automation know-how. 

The following companies are part of the HAHN Group: HAHN Automation, DAHL Automation, DFT Maschinenbau GmbH, HAHN Digital, GeKu, Invotec, REI Automation, Rethink Robotics, HAHN Robotics, HAHN Ruhrbotics, Waldorf Technik, WALTHER Systemtechnik and WEMO Automation. In the map below you can find the worldwide locations of the HAHN Group.

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