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Key technologies of the Material Handling Division

The companies GeKu Automatisierungssysteme, Waldorf Technik and WEMO are experts for automation and robotics solutions in the plastics industry. Each company is focused on an individual industry, producing tailored and standardized system to serve the various needs of their customers.

Listed below, you will find a selection of key technologies, which are offered by the companies within the Material Handling Division.

Feeding Systems
  • Customized feeding systems from small parts up to pre assembled modules
  • In house production of vibration/step feeding system and other innovative feeding solutions
  • Fast and flexible implementations for any solutions
Testing & Marking
  • Individual testing and marking solutions depending on type of product and specifications
  • Various testing systems such as for geometry, tolerance, force, pressure and more
  • Individual marking systems DMC, Centre mark
Take out and processing
  • Fast removal systems with very short mold intrusion times
  • Solution with side entry and top entry systems
  • Single and tandem linear robot solutions
  • Six axis robot solutions on top or side of IMM
  • Solutions for the packaging of articles according to customer specific requirements
  • Handling and packaging
  • Pallets, Trays, Tubes, Boxes
  • Packed in bulk or in an organized packaging
VarioTIP ® System
  • Patented system for the automation of pipette tips and diagnostic reaction vessels production
  • High productivity with cycle time of less than 4.8 seconds and up to 96 cavities
  • Automatic intelligent sorting of the pipette tips in buffer to fill the racks, cavity sorted
Contact Feeding
  • Belt feeding over terminal reels
  • Flexible linear contact feeding
  • Integration of bending/separation processes
  • Precise contact supply, groups or single parts
  • Insert position depended on cavity mold alignment
Assembly Technologies
  • Clipping, plugging, joining, assembly
  • Filter assembly for pipettes and test of assembly depth
  • Completion of reaction vessels with pipette tips and assembly on carrier
  • Inline assembly of pump components and testing of tightness
3D Barrier Technology
  • Barrier coating of plastic containers
  • Migration barrier between plastics and food
  • Prevent ingress of gas, flavor scalping and contamination
  • Thickness about a 500th of a human hair
  • Recyclable and transparent
In Mold Labeling
  • High flexibility within product types
  • Handling for large quantity of products
  • Stable processing and high performance
  • Easy to operate due to user friendly design
  • Space saving
Software Programming
  • Standard PLC software for all robot models
  • Visualization / Master PLC control
  • Connect system via mobile phone
  • Remote systems
End of Arm Tooling
  • Standard gripper catalogue
  • Gripper construction kit
  • Customized gripper systems
Safety Systems
  • Standard safety system catalogue
  • Safety guarding in different method of construction
  • Extra equipment for special customized safety system

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