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HAHN Plastics Automation Inc. to Display Operating Automation Workcell at PLASTEC West

PLASTEC West, Anaheim; February 11-13, 2020, Booth 2213

HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. represents the Plastics Division within the HAHN Group, which includes GeKu, Wemo and Waldorf Technik. HAHN Plastics Automation will display a fully operating and interactive automation workcell at PLASTEC West, being held in Anaheim, CA, USA from February 11-13, 2020. HAHN Plastics Automation is exhibiting at Booth 2213.

HAHN Plastics Automation will feature three WEMO robots at their booth; a WEMO Xline 120 Robot, a WEMO SmartDrive linear slide, and a WEMO 3-5 Robot, along with Cobot Sawyer, a collaborative robot system by its sister company, Rethink Robotics. Using the theme „Don’t Get Stressed Out Over Automation“, the robots will be dispensing ‘stress balls’ to visitors to the booth. Participants will request a stress ball at the interface panel and the 3-5 will grab the ball and deliver it to the SmartDrive linear slide. This will shuttle the ball to the Xline 120 Robot, which will pick up the ball from the linear slide and deliver it from the guarded safe zone to Cobot Sawyer, which will deliver it to the unguarded zone and into the customer’s hand.

“This is a fun demonstration of how cobots and traditional robots of the HAHN Group companies’ portfolio can coexist in our spaces without guarding,” said Markus Klaus, President of HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. “We look forward to meeting with PLASTEC West attendees to show them the HAHN Group’s unique automation capabilities.”

Todd Hodrinsky, Sales Manager of HAHN Plastics Automation, Jukka Björkqvist, Engineering Manager at WEMO Automation AB, and Bernhard Rupke, Division Manager at the HAHN Group will join Markus Klaus in representing HAHN Plastics Automation and HAHN Group at the show.

Since starting operations in Connecticut in late 2018, HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. has grown rapidly serving the plastics automation industry’s downstream automation needs. The company’s in-house engineering team can handle complex automation work cells that include:

  • Demolding parts from injection molding machines,
  • Vision inspection systems capable of analyzing parts to match customer design specifications during production,
  • Assembly,
  • Packaging, and
  • Support services for WEMO 3 Axis robots in the United States.

HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. represents three European robotics and automation suppliers:

The company has a significant number of in-stock and ready to ship WEMO robots, and also manufactures and integrates GeKu and Waldorf Technik products at its plant in Connecticut.